We never forget this is your special day, so we try to be as accommodating as possible. You can bring in a selection of drinks for the reception, wine for the wedding breakfast and sparkles for the toast and pay a corkage fee. Or join us at Russets for a wine tasting and select your drinks from our comprehensive wine list.

If your guests want something other than wine with their meal, we can open the bar. This is fully stocked with a wide variety of drinks, from speciality gins and fine whiskies to draft beer and perfect shots. The bar is fully staffed and can be run however you wish, from a free bar to a cash one. The bar closes at 12.30am on Saturdays; 11.30pm all other days.

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Venue Information

Banqueting room:

Seated capacity: 60 - 160
Total capacity: 230

Licensing hours:

Friday & Saturday
Bar: 12.30 am
Music: 12.30 am
Venue: 1.00am

Cash Bar

We can run a cash bar, where your guests will pay for drinks from our very reasonably priced menu. We can take cash or cards.

Free Bar

The Free bar option allows your guest to drink unlimited drinks all evening or until the money runs out, on a tab basis. This can include all drinks from our menu, or from a limited selection if you require. A bar Tab will be set up either by cash or card at the beginning of the evening.

Part open bar, part paid bar

We can arrange a service where your guests will receive free drinks for a certain period or a certain amount of drinks per person. Once this limit is reached, we will run a cash bar at prices from our drinks menu. We supply bar tokens, if required.

Role A Six

We also operate a role a dice game, where your guests will order a round of drinks and then be asked to role a large dice. If they role a six, you pay, if they role any other number then they pay.

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